Pit Pony 'Hard Rainfall' by Sel Maclean

Sel Maclean directs a haunting vision for Pit Pony's Hard Rainfall. The video explores themes of depression and the struggle of getting yourself back together, and visualises this through distorted cinematography and effects. Focused on a brilliant performance by actor/ dancer Jonny Curry, the concept is unique and refreshing, and perfectly encapsulates the energy of the track.

Jango Flash Unveils Award-Winning Music Video

"With this music video, Yakamoz have illustrated Perseid 45 in a special way that audio alone couldn't. So ultimately, I hope with this release that people can watch me be a goofball, have a laugh, but hopefully feel the story behind the track a little bit more."

Perseid 45 Wins Cinemagic Young Filmmaker Award

As a proud patron of Cinemagic and their ethos to inspire the next generation of creatives, I am delighted to extend my congratulations to Matthew and his video Perseid 45. Competitions like the Young Filmmaker help to showcase young talent and Cinemagic works fervently to create opportunities like this to give young people a voice.” Saoirse-Monica Jackson

We wish to extend our warm congratulations to Matthew, Sel and the whole team behind the video as well as the band members and management. The competition this year received a record amount of entries and the standard was exceptionally high, so it is testament to the quality and innovation of the film that it stood out and made an impact on Cinemagic. We wish all involved continued success and hope the award will inspire and motivate future career success.” Chris Shaw, Cinemagic Festival Programmer